The Missing Tape

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When I first approached this opportunity to talk at this year’s Video Vortex, I scratched my head a bit – mainly over two obstacles:

First, what could I really contribute to the discussion on online video, when so far, I’ve mostly focused  on sequence and transition between static information. Second, and that’s where it became interesting – I have this growing feeling of unease when using the term ‘video’ at all, with regard to social media. But this second one actually made me realize, that by confronting and dismantling this terminology, my first obstacle could actually turn out to be an advantage. (more…)

Fantastic Goal Wins AFCON 2013 for Nigeria

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Nigerians love football, no doubt. They have loyalties to various European clubs ranging from Inter Milan in Italy to Bayern Munich in Germany to Arsenal in England. They flock to viewing centres to watch league games every weekend, and would normally celebrate when their favourite club wins a major tournament like the European Champions League. (more…)

BABE FOR SALE Basketmouth & Bovi feat Yinka Akinlawon

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Stand up comedy is a popular form of entertainment in Nigeria, with tens of thousands attending shows around the country every year. In recent years, comedians are using other forms, like the scene acted out in this video to entertain – for good reasons. These are easier to organize and usually span a few minutes that is ideal for YouTube. Shorter videos tend to be generally more popular online. (more…)

Harlem Shaking Corruption

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Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest internet meme of 2013 has infiltrated the Corruption Eradication Commission in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The harlem shake meme is basically a video of a person dancing alone to the electronic song “Harlem Shake” in a venue full of nonchalant people, only to then have all the people in the venue dance erratically to the song after a jump. Among the myriad of harlem shake videos on YouTube, some took place in the CNN building and army barracks – and apparently now, in the press room of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Jakarta, Indonesia. (more…)

real time and misfortune

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In the year 2010, due to the terrible working conditions of the contemporary mining industry in Chile, 33 miners remained caught in a deposit of the north of the country. The workers remained caught for more than two months, provoking a drama, of national and international scale, that was shared via television, by millions.

The video is part of a broadcast of a channel of Chilean television on the 21st day of confinement. The journalist starts saying: “talking of chilenity”(chilean idiosyncrasy), as if the drama of the struggle against this tragedy forms part of national identity or as if it was a mantra repeated across earthquakes, tsunamis and floods.  (more…)

Oh I’m sorry, is this manipulating you?! #6

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This is a bit of an oldie… but not too old to share. It’s slightly low-techi, still I wish this film would become more viral anyhow, regardless of how long it’s been around, as I feel it is one of the most moving video pieces on the subject.

The Gaza Canal

Considering the matter of propaganda in Israeli media, one cannot disregard the grave role which visitor centers play in the Zionist machine, when presenting the ongoing narrative of justification of the current unbearable status quo, a.k.a, the Israeli Occupation. Any non Israeli Jew who ever participated in a Taglit* tour to Israel has been suckered into this ethos time and again, without the fair chance to think things through from a balanced perspective.  (more…)

Tropic Pocket

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A film produced using both found footage

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and vintage hand developed 16 mm material. Camilo Restrepo is a Colombian artist based in Paris where he has managed to learn how to develop his own films. Some of the footage of Tropic Pocket where shot during his last visit to his home country.

The images that inspired this movie were captured in a very small area of the Colombian jungle by people driven with different motives. From missionaries to soldiers, dealers or investors, they all wanted to justify and help understand their actions in this area. (more…)

The algorithm of rhythm

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The square of technology (la plaza de la tecnología) of Mexico DF has existed since 25 years ago. It’s a kind of shopping center without glamour situated in the historic center of the city and dedicated to sale of computer supplies, telephone, video games, and electronics. Its main characteristic is to offer goods accessible and cheap for all, a kind of interface between the global market and the user, the common mexican citizen.

Chip Torres is one of the seller who has a store of approximately 2 sq. m. in the square of technology. His advertisement and commercial strategy consist of viral videos. (more…)

creative thoughts on [not so] creative thoughts on…

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Discussing Black Mirror’s pros and cons

I wasn’t planning on posting anything other than my propaganda related ‘is this manipulating you’ posts on VV this time around. Still, I found myself having quite a profound discussion earlier today on Facebook, with two fiction and sci-fi writer friends, regarding the latest buzz in british primetime TV – Black Mirror. The show aired its second season this week, I posted the trailer here on top. You can also catch a glimpse of the teaser for the last aired episode so far, here: (more…)


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Concerning the “Action of Volunteers” which the “Kimse Yok mu” Association, having organized this Somalian wedding is part of, the news tag published on 13.11.2011 describes “charitable” as follows : (more…)